Dress Code

One of the primary goals of attending Huntington Junior College is to prepare you for your new career, Huntington Junior College has a suggested dress code that can help students transition to the professional expectations employers will have for their employees. While today’s popular styles may be appropriate for weekends and evening events, they may not be appropriate for the business environment you will enter after graduation. Huntington Junior College is in a prominent location in downtown Huntington. Many employers work near or drive by the building on a daily basis. Appropriate attire will show employers that HJC students take their education seriously and are ready to become effective employees for them.
Appropriate Attire:
  • Jeans or Khakis (or other casual pants)
  • Shorts (of appropriate length)
  • Business Style Dresses or Skirts
  • T‐Shirts
  • Collared Shirts
  • Medical Scrubs
Inappropriate Attire:
  • Low-Cut Tops
  • Short Shorts or Short Skirts
  • Low-Rise Pants
  • Visible Underwear
  • Pajamas
If a student has on inappropriate attire, someone from the college will meet with the student individually. The student may be asked to take off or cover up inappropriate attire or go home and change. If a student misses class because of inappropriate attire, it will be counted as an absence and all rules associated with an absence will apply.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact an academic advisor.