Attendance Policy

Your attendance at the College is important to your future employment goals. Employers are just as interested in your attendance as they are in your academic record. Behavior conducive to your future career will be expected as a necessary part of your training.

If illness or an emergency should prevent you from attending class, our assignment service gives you the opportunity to keep up with your class assignments with just one phone call. For more information about the assignment service, please see someone in the front office.

At the beginning of each quarter, you are required to start each class by the beginning of the second week of classes. If you have not started a class by the first day of the second week, you will be withdrawn from that class for the quarter. Dropping below a full-time status for any reason could affect your financial aid. You may voluntarily withdraw from a class during the first 9 weeks of each quarter, or by the last day to drop a class.

If a student wishes to drop a class or withdraw from a term, the student must contact an academic advisor at the college. A final grade will be averaged based on all assignments the student submitted. If the student does not have a passing grade, the student will have earned an F for the class.  The official date of withdrawal is determined based on your attendance or the date you contact the College to officially withdraw. If the college determines that the student has stopped attending, the student may be administratively withdrawn. If the student intends to return to school after the administrative withdrawal, the student may petition to be reinstated. If the student is passing the classes on the day of the petition, the student will be reinstated in the classes. The petition must occur before the last day of the term.

In addition to this change, please remember that as required by federal guideline DCL04-03, the college will not send loan refunds to students unless they post positive attendance AFTER the funds have been received by the college. If a loan disbursement is received by the college, and the student does not have positive attendance within 10 business days after the college received the loan, all funds will be sent back to the Department of Education.