Allied Health Certification Requirements

Along with completion of an externship or practicum, the Medical Assisting and Medical Coding programs require registration for recognized professional certification testing during their capstone courses. During the quarter in which a student is scheduled in either Clinical Procedures II or Medical Coding III, he/she registers for national certification and is assigned a testing due date no longer than six months from the date of registration. In order to sit for the Medical Assisting test, all required classes and the externship must be completed. Earlier testing dates will be available if the student completes the requirements and wishes to test sooner.

During the quarter, the student is charged a non-refundable fee to cover the cost of the certification test. The cost of attendance for the quarter will be adjusted to include the fee. Financial aid eligibility will be calculated to determine if additional funds are available to pay the fee on the student’s account. This cost and financial aid adjustment can only be done one time per federal regulation.

As with other tuition and fee charges, if financial aid funds are not available to cover the testing fee, Huntington Junior College will allow the student to make payments. See Financial Aid for test fees.

Please note, to sit for the medical assisting exam, the student cannot have a prior felony.  While students may take the coding exam with a prior felony, this may negatively impact your ability to be employed in the field.  If you have a felony, please contact our Student Success Coordinator for additional information.

Effective June 1, 2014