Ready to earn your place in the career of your dreams? With an associate’s degree from Huntington Junior College, you’ll have the education it takes to gain access to your field of interest or to the next college or university of your choice.


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Our Programs

HJC offers associate’s degrees designed to be completed in two years, available at our Huntington, W.Va. campus (which you can attend in person or virtually) and/or online.

administrative technology

Administrative Technology

Learn the fundamentals of office management, publication design, electronic research, and more.

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business management

Business Management

Gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need to help manage a business or start your own.

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dental assisting

Dental Assisting

Learn what it takes to provide technical assistance to dentists and the professional care of patients.

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medical assistant

Medical Assisting

Gain the technical and personal skills required to assist doctors and support medical practice.

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medical coding

Medical Coding

Master the in-demand skill of translating medical terminology into the codes needed to bill insurance providers.

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associate in addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery

Learn to provide support and assistance to individuals in substance abuse and addiction recovery under the supervision of a licensed counselor.

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About Certificates

Each program offers at least one certificate of mastery in a focus area desirable to employers, colleges and universities.

Why do you offer them?

It offers resume-building value on your way through a program, even before you have obtained a full degree.

How do I get them?
You earn certificates on your way through your program, as soon as you’ve completed the required courses.
Which programs offer them?

All offer the civics certificate: the essentials of government, ethics, and personal growth. Others are program-specific. Check our catalog to learn more.

Get Financial Aid & Enroll

Tuition doesn’t all have to come out of your own pocket. We can help. With financial aid in place, all you need to be eligible for admission is a high school diploma or GED.

Financial Aid

Learn how to obtain a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Learn how to create a MyHJC applicant account, which will be your student portal once you’re enrolled, and what to expect.